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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 3 years ago

Free fanmade games for Sonic

Sonic Games is a free arcade collection of games for the classic platforming title, Sonic the Hedgehog, and its popular franchise. Developed by and its various game creators, this collection is a bunch of fan-made Sonic games that have been mixed with different gameplay styles and genres. However, since it’s just all fan-made and free, you ought to expect low quality for these games. There are 7 games available, all playable on the PC.

Lots of choices

The first game, Sonic 3D Snowboarding, is just Sonic snowboarding down a snowy straight hillside. You need to jump with Spacebar whenever the red-striped ramp comes. The further along you jump, the higher your jump trick score. However, the ramp is short and can easily be missed; plus, you can’t choose your tricks. You can change the difficulty by toggling weather patterns. There are 10 music track options available during gameplay, too.

Sonic Character Designer is a simple avatar maker for your own Sonic universe character. There are 13 body parts you can customize and color. You can also type in a name and choose a preset background. Meanwhile, Sonic Lost in Mario World features a classic Super Mario level. A is for jumping, Z is for throwing limited mushrooms, and holding the Down key lets you spin-dash. Mario is the final boss in this short game.

Sonic Tetris and Sonic Pacman are exactly what you think they are. Sonica is a platforming game where you have to get to the exit without dying. Lastly, Ultimate Flash Sonic is basically a copy of the original Sonic gameplay. There are two modes—Main Game and Time Trial—and you can choose 4 characters—Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream. Out of all the mini-games, this is the best—but isn’t optimized for PC controls.

Interesting but boring afterward

Sonic Games is a nice collection of games for any Sonic fans. However, they’re of poor quality, whether it’s the graphics or the game design you’re looking at. For one, most of these do not have tutorials. The worst offender is Sonic Lost in Mario World with its controls—it had a plot but didn’t even bother to tell you what to do. The controls are also not optimized, which makes playing frustrating and replayability low.

Remember Sonic? Well now you can relive the old days with this great all in one Sonic game collection. Best of all, it´s free. Any Windows PC with Adobe Flash and IE should be able to run it.


  • 7 free mini-games
  • Various types of genres
  • Crossover games
  • Resizable window


  • No tutorials
  • Inaccurate controls
  • Not much reason to replay some

Program available in other languages

Sonic Games for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 3.7
  • (1222)
  • Security Status

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